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St Kilda | The Silent Islands

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The islands of the St Kilda archipelago, the most remote part of the British Isles, lie 100 miles to the west of mainland Scotland in the North Atlantic. Famous for the evacuation of 1930 which saw the end of a way of life, the islands have often been obscured in myth and romance. This book aims to change these perceptions with a series made over several years, and many visits out to the islands.

With 192 pages, St Kilda - The Silent Islands will contain a preface by Murdo Macdonald RSA, a hard hitting essay on the myth and reality of St Kilda by Dr Kevin Grant who was the islands archaeologist, and poetry by the acclaimed Gerry Cambridge.  The book has been carefully designed by one of Scotland's finest designers Lachlan Young, and will be published by Luath Books in Edinburgh in July 2017. 

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